10TH Online Eurasian Urooncology Congress - June 27-28, 2020


Hundreds of users logged in the web conferencing platform to watch international experts and joined discussions on latest treatment protocols in urologic oncology.

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Dr. Selami Albayrak

10th Eurasian Urooncology Congress Co-chair

Esteemed Participants of Online Eurasian Uro-oncology Congress;
Esteemed Academicians;
Esteemed Urologist colleagues who are deeply committed to uro-oncology;
Esteemed Residents;
Esteemed Representatives of the Industry which contribute to urology;
Welcome to 10thOnline Eurasian Urooncology Congress.
We made a decision 2.5 months ago in order to minimize the damage of this global disaster to the world of science.  
Instead of canceling the 10th Eurasian Urooncology Congress that we were preparing to hold in Gobeklitepe, we decided to organize an online congress.  We immediately have focused on online congress format.  We identified new expansions that would improve the advantages of a real congress.  
The online congress format will probably have been experienced first in our country as well as the world by 10thOnline Eurasian Urooncology Congress. Moreover, this may be considered as a revolution in conventional congress tradition.  Just like the 1st Uro-oncology Symposium which has conduced to start our series of congress fifteen years ago. As you may recall, presenting different surgical techniques to the participants through a live broadcast was a "technological revolution" at those years. Apparently, this congress format would be one of "New Normal" styles and remain as a part of our scientific life. Furthermore, this may improve the scientific level of the congresses due to some advantages.
Esteemed Participants; we have worked hard for you to have a full schedule. We presented new interesting options that you may follow. We instructed the online congress by enriching the view that you expect to see when you enter to the door of a real congress center. You will have a unique congress experience through;
* the science festival in the Main Hall;
* specific surgical techniques in the Operating Room;
* participation into exciting presentations in the Proceeding and Poster halls;
* I Have a Project and Turkish Council sessions

We tried to keep a high scientific level in this congress;
We have 17 foreign and 90 local speakers with specific achievements in their fields.

Totally 508 physicians including 467 physicians from Turkey and 41 physicians from abroad.
Along with 36 participants of the industry, and speakers, we have 651 participants to the congress.
In our congress, 5 courses were organized as follows;

  1. Radical Prostatectomy Course
  2. Radical Cystectomy Course
  3. MR-US Fusion Biopsy Course
  4. Working Methodology in Urooncology
  5. Medical and Surgical Treatment of BPH

The courses will be given by experienced academicians who are experts on their fields.
Moreover; 157 scientific notifications including 
Poster presentation 25
Verbal presentation 120
Video presentation 12
which were reviewed through editorial review will be presented in the congress. You will be able to send your questions to the assertion holder and get answers regardless from the presentation type. We thereby tried to enrich the congress in terms of interactivity like a real congress.
In the Operating Room hall; we will watch specific surgical procedures in video formats by globally recognized surgeons through their own presentation. Operation videos shall be open for access for 7/24 during the congress.

Main Hall sessions will be interactive and the participants will be allowed to ask questions.  Your questions will be directed to the speaker by the monitor as time allows; questions will be submitted to the speaker even there is not any time. 

In the congress;

  • Georgian Urological Association
  • Tunisian Urological Society
  • Algerian Association of Urology
  • Jordan Urological Association
  • Danish Urological Society
  • South African Urology Association (SAUA)
  • Japanese Urological Association (JUA)

have participated at Management Board level.

Esteemed Participants;
Although our congress is held online, we have a social program as well. We will try to make you to visit the Zero Point of the History.
We will be presenting Live Visit of Gobeklitepe Virtual Museum tonight at 8:30 p.m.

We experienced that extraordinary periods coma long with extraordinary successes. I would like to thank the achievements that I observed during this period;

* First of all, changing the congress format due to pandemic was a crucial decision... Organizing an online congress rather than canceling or postponing was a very critical idea.  I have to express extraordinary intelligence and efforts of Mr. Cem Tuncel, representative of Bros organization company during this rapid decision-making process. I would also like to thank sincerely to Burcin, Ozgurce, Hatice, Bilge and all technical and software teams. 
*Dr. Asif Yildirim and  Dr. Erdem Canda have worked heartily for 7 days and 18 hours to complete all details of the congress. I cheer for them.
*I would like to present my sincere thanks to Dr. Timucin Cil and Dr. Mahmut Gumus who have provided important contributions to the multi-disciplinary structure of the Turkish Association of Medical Oncology.
Turkish Association of Urology has been sponsored our congress for resident registration. I would like to present my endless thanks to the Turkish Academy of Urology.
*Finally; I would like to present my thankfulness and gratitude to esteemed representatives of the Industry including;

  1. Astellas
  2. Recordati
  3. Sanofi

and all other representatives of the industry for their support. 

Finally, I will have some remarks;

* A team of 8 individuals will follow the congress continuously to minimize possible technical problems in online pattern of the congress. Please write and submit your questions to Live Support Line if you have any question. The team sill immediately intervene the problem.
*Please check the battery status of computer, speed of the internet service provider that you have participated, and ensure that you are in the scope of a wi-fi. 
*The recalls needed will be made on the recall screen during the session breaks.
* Forums shall be performed in the stand halls; and live zoom connections with company representatives will be allowed.
I present my compliments and wish you to enjoy the congress.

Dr. Asif Yildirim

10th Eurasian Urooncology Congress Co-chair

The 10thEurasian Urooncology Congress, which has changed its format completely and switched to the online congress order in a very short time, has become a pioneer in this field when many congresses have to be postponed or canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This breakthrough, with its rich academic content, offers us the opportunity to follow the congress in our homes, update our knowledge, and helps us to overcome the negative effects of the pandemic on our psychology. Our congress promises a 2-day satisfying academic program to its followers with dozens of speakers that has vast experience in the field of urooncology and innovative practices such as “Turkish multidisciplinary meeting for challenging urooncology cases” and “I have a project”. In addition to the national speakers who have achieved international success and recognition, the content has been further enriched with leading international speakers in urology such as John Davis, Jose Karam, Laurance Klotz, Pilar Laguna, Jean de la Rosette, and surgical videos of surgeons specializing in superior technique. I would like to thank the organizing committee of the 10thEurasian Urooncology Congress, which presented us this academic feast in the comfort of home, for all these brave breakthroughs, and I wish all participants a pleasant congress.

Dr. Mahmut Gumus

Past President of Turkish Society of Medical Oncology

Multidisciplinary approach increases success.

10th Eurasian Urooncology Congress, which was held in collaboration with medical oncologists and urologic oncologists, continues successfully. Prostate, bladder and kidney cancers were discussed thoroughly in these multidisciplinary sessions. Our senior speakers shared their experiences. Our young friends presented their exciting work. Our congress, which is a collaboration of Eurasian Urooncology Association and Turkish Society of Medical Oncology, took place online for the first time. This experience, which we have made mandatory because of the Covid-19 pandemic, seems to open new horizons to us. We will now use these online experiences frequently in the field of education and medical communication. We will add online activities to our face-to-face activities and have a hybrid world. When we think that all these developments are ultimately for more accurate diagnosis and better treatment of our patients, our happiness increases even more. I would like to thank all the speakers, participants and the organizing committee from all overseas and our country who contributed to the realization of this beautiful congress. I congratulate the pharmaceutical companies for their support. I would also like to thank the congress organization company for their impeccable arrangements. Wishing to be together in many excellent organisations.

Dr. Abdullah Erdem Canda 10th Eurasian Urooncology Congress Secretary, Turkey

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

It is a great honor for me to serve as the secretary of the urology section of the 10thEurasian Uro-oncology Congress that is currently being held as "Online" together with Turkish Society of Medical Oncology probably for the first time in our country in the field of Urology & Uro-oncology. We are very much excited to arrange and present our congress with the support of Bros Congress Company that I think has been a great success! We have lots of international speakers, a very attractive scientific program & sessions, courses, forums, operating room section that includes narrated surgical videos of the top class world wide known surgeons, "I have a project’" section where promising projects are discussed, oral & poster presentations. ORSI Academy Advanced Robotic Surgery Training Center in Belgium whose CEO is Prof Alex Mottrie (also ERUS President) offered a 25% discount for the robotic courses to be held at ORSI for members of the Eurasian Uro-oncology Association and our congress participants who also supported our congress by submitting a robotic partial nephrectomy video. We also have a live virtual tour of Gobeklitepe as a social program. I would like to thank to those who have contributed and supported our congress.

Dr. Timucin Cil

10th Eurasian Urooncology Congress Secretary, Turkey

Nowaday, Urooncological cancers must be manage with multidiciplinary treatment teams. We have been made big collaboration with Turkish Society of Medical Oncology and Eurasian Uro-Oncological Association. Main target of this congress how can we work together to entegrate new datas to our clinical daily practise. We also have been lots of international speakers and Turkish idea leaders in uro-oncological cancers area. Also, we learned how can they manage their uro-oncological patients in interactive case discussions. I think this is the first international online collobration congress of two society in Turkey. I want to thank all organisation scientific committee, Turkish Society of Medical Oncology and Eurasian Uro-Oncological Association members, all of our speakers, and attendece of our congress. We hope that we will be see together with face to face to talk and discuss for optimal manage of our uro-oncological cancer patients in next year.

Dr. Rafael Sanchez Salas

Department of Urology. L'Institute Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris, France


Dr. Georg Salomon

Martini-Klinik am UKE GmbH, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

Dear colleagues, in times of COVID-19 it is regrettable not to attend this congress in person in your beautiful country. Nevertheless, I am happy to participate online. A big compliment to the program directors and organizers, a wonderful, very well chosen and current program, a perfectly organized online portal. With kind regards from Hamburg, in the hope that next time I will exchange ideas with you from person to person.

Dr. Jean de la Rosette

Department of Urology at Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey

A very nice first experience of the EUA Annual meeting virtually. Obviously the EUA takes the lead in this new era of virtual meetings with the support of the Turkish Society of Medical Oncology. The Société Internationale d’Urologie is proud to take part in this meeting and we look forward to extend our collaboration. And although I truly miss meeting many of my Turkish friends I appreciate to see them now virtually.


Dr. Laurence Klotz

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Canada

The Eurasian Uro Oncology Online Congress is a terrific program, and I congratulate the organizers on this initiative. The quality of the talks is excellent, and it represents a way to share ideas and concepts despite the limitations of the COVID pandemic. It was a pleasure to participate’

Dr. Pilar Laguna

Department of Urology at Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey

Welcome to the new brave world !

Extreme situations require new, inventive solutions and strong leadership and collaboration. The Eurasian Uro-Oncological Association and the Turkish Society of Medical Oncology together with the Bros company are a good example. In launching what is the first virtual meeting in Turkey and, one of the first all over the world in Urology, they showed us they were prepared to accept the challenge. Whether the on-line 10thEurasian Uro-Oncology congress is going to be a total success or a failure, it is still very early to assess. But the beginning was good. An easy to move and friendly platform and an ambitious and diverse program with known national and international speakers. What can fail ? technical problems may occur, internet can be hacked, the platform may be blocked, the battery of the computer may run-out, the speaker didn’t choose the adequate frame, the microphone may not work…… a myriad of small details could be expected, leading to attendee unsatisfaction, a non-negligible proportion of them because inexperience. But what is important: the change is here and, will likely stay. It may very well be that the days of the huge-presence meetings are counted. Traveling long hours, jet-lack in and out, spending several days abroad, moving eclectically from one session to another, even sometimes missing those session you were interested on, it was not enjoyable. Conversely, the face- to-face interaction, shaking hands with long forgotten colleagues, the heated discussions at dinner’s time, all this will be missed. The cost-benefit of virtual meetings will be different for each one of us. New formulas combining limited physical presence and virtual sessions will develop. As a matter of fact, that was alredy happening , though timidly, for several years with the availability of the post-meeting on-line session. Difficult or not, paraphrasing H.G. Wells, “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative”.


Dr. Alastair D Lamb

Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist, Senior Fellow in Robotic Surgery & Honorary Consultant Urologist, Oxford, UK

Really impressive online congress – definitely rivalling the other big urology congress currently happening! Pleasure to participate in Day 1 Prostate Cancer and to share some new data alongside many distinguished speakers. I’ve particularly enjoyed the way in which the ‘molecular’ theme has woven through a number of talks from Dr Oner Sanli in the morning outlining progress in defining copy number mutations in prostate cancer, to Dr Klotz highlighting the opportunity for this to add value to refining active surveillance in good risk intermediate disease, to Dr Levent Kabasakal trumpeting the advances of molecular imaging, which complemented my own efforts to describe heterogeneity in the prostate and micro-metastatic disease. Thanks for having me!

Dr. Badar Munir Mian

Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist, Senior Fellow in Robotic Surgery & Honorary Consultant Urologist, Oxford, UK

It is indeed my pleasure to be included in the 10th Eurasian Uro-Oncology Congress. While we are unable to meet in person due to Covid-19 pandemic, the online format provides flexibility for the speakers and the attendees. The scientific program is fully encompassing all facets of prostate and bladder cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. The speakers from Turkey and other countries have done an excellent job in presenting the latest advances in uro-oncology. I would like to congratulate all the Chairs and organizers for putting together such a wonderful congress.

Dr. Archil Chkhotua

Scientific Director of the National Center of Urology, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgian Urological Association is a strong partner of the Eurasian Uro-oncological Association (EUA) being actively involved in the annual congresses of the EUA since 2018. We are happy to see how fast and steadily scientific activities of the EUA are growing, year after year, whether it's held in Baku, Tbilisi or Athens. The 10thEUA Online Congress launched today is a good example of that progress. The association has organized its first online meeting with the top ranked speakers and extremely high level scientific program. Live sessions, oral presentations, e-posters, video presentations makes this meeting very interesting and useful. It will undoubtedly have a positive influence on the quality of urological service in Turkey and regional countries.
With all my heart I wish success to this meeting and all future activities of the EUA.

Dr. Faruk Ozcan

Istanbul Medical Faculty, Department of Urology

This year Eurasian Urooncology meeting was held as a virtual meeting due to Covid 19 pandemia. During Pandemia people learned to communicate with each other through internet based computer applications. It was a first virtual congress in Europe and may be in the world during pandemia. Participation to sessions was very crowded and sessions were even more crowded than real time congress sessions. Congress covered almost every aspect of urooncology in detail. Speakers was carefully selected and were experienced in their fields. Lectures given were very effective and educative. Pro and con debates was attractive and the subjects were covered throughly. Other than missing the physically contacting with colleagues, every congress must contain a virtual platform in future. Accessability of sessions after the meeting is very important. Accesing surgical videos of well known surgeons was also attractive to participants, Very well served the purpose of education of Urologists Exhibition area was also easily e-accesible. Exhibitors were able to exhibit their products to participants any time during congress . EUA20 was a successful virtual congress , being the pioneer of this kind of future virtual congresses

Dr. Hansjorg Keller

Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Radical Perineal Prostatectomy in local confined and extended disease including perineal extended lymphnode dissection via the perineal approach.

Open Perineal prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer is a minimally invasive procedure to treat prostate cancer what was proved already in 1908 by Young who published on 128 successfully operated patients without mortality what was outstanding at this time. However most of the patients faced incontinence, erectile dysfunction and lymphnode dissection was not possible via the same approach. By transferring the principles of anatomic retropubic RP introduced by Walsh and Donker to the perineal appeoach, the development of extended perineal lymphnode dissection via the same incision and the use of a self-retaining system we could solve these caveats. We present our experience after more than 2800 procedures. The retzius sparing technique improves early continence what was also confirmed by Robot assisted prostatectomy. For this and the fact that perineal prostatectomy compares favourably due to oncological and functional results and is superior due to cosmesis and costs there is renewed interest of this underutilized technique.

Dr. Omer Kucuk

Professor of Hematology, Medical Oncology and Urology Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, Georgia

This weekend, 10thEurasian Uro-Oncology Congress is being held online with an outstanding multidisciplinary program. The tradition of excellence continues with invited speakers from many countries. There are discussions of interesting topics in urological oncology. New developments in the treatment of prostate, renal and bladder cancers are highlighted in different sessions. I thank the organizers who put together this exciting program under the difficult conditions imposed on us by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Cetin Yesilli

It has been a congress which I benefitted a lot. Presentations by valuable authors from our country and abroad were very efficient. Besides, the courses, interactive panels and videos of surgeries were very succesful. Indeed, I can say that it has been more efficient than a physical congress. I thank all who made effort for the organization.

Mine Sayit

Sales and Marketing Manager, Sanofi

We believe that the Online 10thEurasia Urooncology Congress will be a ground-breaking healthcare event by forging a digital bridge between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to innovative and proactive approaches, we see once again that crises cannot prevent development.

Dogukan Gulan

Product Manager, AstraZeneca

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for taking quick action according to changing conditions and making the congress online this year. This experience will set a good example for us and the entire healthcare industry and remind us that there is a solution for every challenge. While exceeding typical expectations from a congress in terms of infrastructure and content, accessibility is no longer a problem with the increased share of digitalization. I would also like to thank the Brosgroup for supporting us continuously in terms of infrastructure and also for adopting a positive approach at all times. It is a fact that the efforts to use time effectively and access information help us develop ourselves and get better prepared for the future. This online platform minimizes the risk of missing concurrent sessions, or not being able to visit exhibition areas and skipping booth activities. Of course, given our culture, we still look forward to having physical meetings in the near future. I would like to express my gratitude to all professors, who have shown that we should wait for further scientific updates.


to our sponsors